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CONNECTECH is a community of thinkers, creators, and innovators. We offer engaging, project-based classes that enable kids and teens to gain critical skills for success. We believe coding is a foundational skill every child should have just like writing and mathematics. Our goal is to be a catalyst for kids to develop logic, analytical thinking, and creative reasoning in a fun and interactive environment. Coding is the language of the future and to be proficient, it is important to continue learning throughout the year. At CONNECTECH, we have developed courses that run throughout the year – through after school classes, summer camps, and year-round classes. This allows children to learn, create, and master technology they don’t get at school - technologies that will be critical to success in the world of tomorrow.

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Catch All Christmas Coding Camp Is FULL

$50 per day
Our Catch All Coding Class is aimed at students who have completed our Beginners 1 & 2 classes. These students will have the opportunity to create animations and games at their own skill level, using more advanced project-based learning. Students will continue to advance and learn at their own pace in this class, being challenged with more difficult projects and games as they improve their skills. This class encourages more creativity and problem solving in programming which can be used in other advanced languages still learning fundamentals of coding. We expect the students to start thinking out side the box, creating their own games and animations at this level.

Students are required to have completed the Beginners 1 and 2 Coding class or a basic understanding of programming skills are required. If you are unsure please email us at info@connectech.bm.

Register now as SPACE IS LIMITED. We only accept 15 students and will only be offering one class for Christmas Camp. Payments must accompany registration in order to save your space. Please note we do not provide refunds, but can offer partial credit.

You may also email us at info@connectech.bm.